“Giving the most vulnerable children from the North a chance to prosper through educational sponsorship and livelihood support”


“Providing resources necessary for education and livelihood on a sustainable basis to vulnerable children”

mrdaya_fatherMayilvaganam Velummayilum (19.12.1923- 31.8.1989)

Mr Velummayilum was a lawyer and former chairman of Point Pedro Urban Council.

What We Do

The foundation is set up to honour Mr Velummayilum and is driven by his family who live abroad. The founder and CEO is his son Daya Thayan.

Velummayilum Foundation is committed to empower disadvantaged children from vulnerable families by providing financial assistance to support their education and improve their living standards.

These children will play a key role in a brighter future for Sri Lanka, deserve an opportunity to put their tragic past behind them and embrace the future with hope and stability.

Educational sponsorship will ensure children stay in school longer; without the worry of not being able to complete their studies.

The foundation aims to remove any barriers to educational attainment that can arise from social status, ethnicity, religion etc. It will thereby put children on a better footing at the start of their life.

In addition to us sponsoring schooling for children, the foundation often provides financial help and support to the families, which contribute to raise living standards.

Why we do it?

The vision of Daya Thayan and Velummayilum Foundation is to successfully build bridges between disadvantaged, vulnerable communities and the communities who are active and willing to support this vision.

The foundation works in communities which have the most need and focuses on the most affected members of these communities – the children.

The goal of the foundation is to provide not just financial support but a comprehensive strategy to break down ethnic and economic divisions. Consequently continuing the legacy of our family and enriching the lives of the respective beneficiaries.

The Thayan family have assurances of knowing exactly how they are helping children and witnessing first hand the feeling of comfort the children gain from the realisation they are not isolated from the rest of the world. This gives them a more balanced and optimistic perspective on society and their place in it.

Velummayilum Foundation aims to heal the scars of abuse caused both by long term civil war and domestic violence. We believe high quality healthcare, social welfare and education is essential for the next generation to eradicate the possibility of a recurring pattern of abuse caused by illiteracy and social deprivation.

Where We Are

Initially starting from Point Pedro division the foundation aims to extend its work to all divisions of Northern Province.


Educational support

  • Full Scholarship scheme from the grade 5 scholarship students

Maximum Participation is encouraged by the Velummayilum Foundation through a positive reward ethos which include prizes, rewards and educational tours around Jaffna and Northern Province.


  • Stationery items and extra tuition support for students facing the greatest challenges

stationary stationary2

We are happy to assist such students who are studying for the above government exams in schools from areas covered by the foundation. Initially we can arrange to pay for tuition fees and stationery supply.

Current Initiatives

  • Velummayilum Foundation is organising additional classes, which will target larger numbers of students.

classes2 classes3

  • Computers and Internet access are provided for basic computer education to all who are interested and living in areas covered by the foundation.

computer computer2

  • Specialist classes in English, Science and Mathematics are provided for all students.
  • Technical/ Educational courses

We also provide options for students who wish to follow government approved technical courses and support them with course fees. This will provide them with the skills to find a secure job, which will enable them to improve their life chances. Examples: house wiring, plumbing, tailoring, Aluminium fitting, carpentry, printing etc.

  • Health care services

eye glasses2 eye glasses

Free access to Health services are organised by our foundation twice a year to benefit communities who do not have regular access to doctors due to insufficient financial resources, transport issues or a lack of awareness.

  • Social Welfare Management

dryfood dry food

Providing monthly assistance (Dry basic food packages) to the most economically deprived families within the region.

Future Initiatives

  • Livelihood Support

Velummayilum Foundation is aiming to provide practical livelihood support and help these families manage their finances independently. This support will include setting micro-businesses such as the provision of a chicken run with a number of chickens, a goat shed with the animals, a small scale industrial enterprise or a sewing machine for clothes production.

  • Child protection

yoga2 drug

Alcohol and drugs are the main reasons for violence in the community. The foundation will run an awareness programme to highlight the dangers of alcohol and drugs and facilitate social programmes, including yoga.