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The Velummayilum Foundation organized a price awarding ceremony for 2017 along with Oli Vizha celebrations to recognize children’s achievements of the year by recognizing the best-performing students in their academics to encourage them to perform well in their studies in future. The program also included entertaining activities for children to welcome Christmas joy.

Started a weekly yoga program for the children and teachers of the Velummayilum Foundation with the aim to promote better health and wellbeing.

Organized a 4-day English program for children in LADANI Children Home in Mullaitivu conducted by Sophie Adams, a British university student enabling the students to have a unique English learning experience.

Held the year-end get together of Velummayilum Foundation for all the students enjoying a fabulous evening full of fun and laughter.


Organized a 2-day pre-university mentoring program which was conducted by Sophie Adams & Amali Niwanthika for the students who have received university entrance in 2017.

Sophie Adams a Physics Student from England Birmingham University visited Children home at Nelliyady and issued English learning books after showcasing her skills in magic and giving away a motivational speech to encourage the children to study hard to win the life.

Sophie Adams, Birmingham University Physics Student and Amali Niwanthika from Colombo Canthus Office visited the Velummayilum Foundation to participate in mentoring programs for the students who were warmly welcomed by the children.

Organized pre-tests for Grade 6 to GCE O/L students to help them prepare for the school third term examination and face the exam with greater confidence.

Foundation enrolled the 3rd batch for the computer classes conducted in our premises enabling another set of students to gain skills in ICT.


Celebrating the International Children, Elders & Disabilities day at the Point Pedro Divisional Secretary Office. The Velummayilum Foundation organized a provision of school supplies program for the students in the area, providing them with school bags and stationery items in supporting with their educational requirements enabling them to continue in their education.

Organized a special event to celebrate the children & teachers day at the premises with students from Grade 06 to GCE A/L from nearby schools and offered them with valuable educational gifts.


Celebrated Saraswathy Pooja on 28th Sep 2017 with an extravagant event with the participation of over 60 children. The program included many entertainment performances by the children as well as competitions such drawing, singing, speech, essay writing, general knowledge exam etc. offering them an opportunity to showcase and improve their talents and every student received valuable gifts.

Started the 2nd batch of the computer classes for students who sat for GCE A/L Exam in Aug 2017, enabling them to gain skills in ICT to walk forward in life and have good knowledge in modern technology. Conducted by an experienced instructor, the classes covered MS Office & Desk Top Publishing (DTP).

Offered full scholarships for Grade 5 students at J/Sivaparagasa Maha Vidyalaya School, to provide them with extra support to face their exam with confidence and practice.


The Velummayilum Foundation organized a lunch meal program for Children & Elders home at Karaveddy contributing to help & maintain a good nutrition level among the children and the senior citizens of the home in commemorating the 28th Year memorial day of Mr. Mayilvaganam Velummayilum.

Organized a skill development training workshop for the students which was conducted by Mr. S.Pradeep BFA, Vavuniya.

The Velummayilum Foundation celebrated its 1st anniversary humbly being proud about our efforts to support the people in need and of the change we’ve made in the community.


The Velummayilum Foundation started organizing weekly yoga training for students, teachers & staff celebrating International Yoga Day with the aim to promote good mental and physical wellbeing among the community.

Mr. Velummayilum Thayanantharajah and Mrs. Sumithra Thayanantharajah visited the foundation and spend the evening with the children.

Organized a medical program to deliver general medical services and checkups to the local community in need serving participants and delivering them the service of a doctor to provide opportunities to get check-ups and maintain a good health.


The Velummayilum Foundation conducted Physics classes for GCE A/L students in Point Pedro providing extra support with their lessons. Additionally, the foundation initiated their new program to cultivate skills in ICT among school leavers with computer classes at the Foundation premises.


Offered scholarships (Lydia Pavalamalar Velummayilum Award) for university students in need in Point Pedro & Karaveddy Divisions aiding them with the financial aspect of their education thereby enabling them to focus on their studies.

Celebrated Sinhala and Tamil New year with children who participate for the tuition classes held by the Velummayilum Foundation. The foundation organized a special event to create joyous moments for the children during the festival season with entertaining performances and fun activities such as singing, speeches, drawings and solo drama acts and more. On this day, the Velummayilum Foundation started offering tuition classes for Grade 06 to GCE O/L students for Mathematics, Science, English and ICT allowing children to improve their knowledge.

Offered a high-quality voice recorder to Mrs. Nanthinithevi Thiruloganathan a visually challenged teacher who’ve been teaching visually challenged students in Naffield School since 2009, to help her with her Diploma in Teaching at Teachers Training College, Kopay Jaffna.


The foundation organized eyeglasses donating program following the medical camp event held on 16th Feb 2017 providing the participants who needed prescribed glasses to get a better vision.

Organized a Yoga program for students and teachers involved with the Velummayilum Foundation, introducing them to Yoga with experienced Yoga teacher Mr. Tharmarajah providing opportunities to attain better mental and physical wellbeing while calming their minds.

The Velummayilum Foundation started evening classes for students and religious functions on every other Friday providing opportunities for the children to get closer to their religion and faith.

Offered prescribed eyeglasses for students who participated for the free medical camp organized by the foundation on 17th of February helping them have a better vision and continue in their day to day life successfully.


Organized a bicycle donating program with the participation of Mr. Thayanantharajah and Mrs. Sumithra Thayanantharajah for students in need from Hartley College, Vada Hindu Ladies College and Methodist Girls High School enabling them to have easy and affordable way to get around for educational purposes.

Hosted the Velummayilum Award ceremony recognizing the students who passed Grade 05 scholarship exam in 2016 from schools around Point Pedro area with the aim to recognize their accomplishments and encourage them to continue in their education. The students received medals, certificates along with school supplies such as school bags with stationery items from our founder Mr. Velummayilum Thayanantharajah and Mrs. Sumithra Thayanantharajah. The principals of Hartley College and Methodist Girls School were presented at the ceremony.

The Velummayilum Foundation organized a medical camp for people in need in the area to facilitate medical services and checkups enabling them to have access to medical services. Serving the local community the event was a huge success and includes checkups with general physician and eye checkups.

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