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Monthly dry food parcel distribution program for December was held with the participation of Human Resources D/O, Mr. Chandrakumar from Divisional Secretariat Point Pedro, RDS President, Mr. Jeyaraj, Mr. Tharmarajah and Mr. Yathavananthan.

The Velummayilum Foundation celebrated Oli Vizha with the children, organizing entertainment activities and sharing the festive spirits with them.

Supporting classes for Grade 06 to Grade 11 students were started in covering the 2019 syllabus, providing the children with extra support with their school curriculum.


Provided dry food packs for the families following our monthly dry food distribution program, with the participation of Methodist Rev. Alagarajah and Urban Council Chairman, Mr. Iruthayarajah, supporting the household of the families.

Provided school supplies and stationery packages for students in schools in Point Pedro following our yearly school stationery supply program.

The Velummayilum Foundation announced new admission calling for support classes Grade 06 to GCE O/L students.

Organized a pre-term test for Grade 06 to Grade 11 students who participate in the supporting classes conducted by the Velummayilum Foundation to help them to prepare well for their schoolsí mid-year examinations.


Held the monthly dry food distribution event for October for the families, with the participation of Mr. Wasantha Marasinghe, Social Service Officer, Mr. Sarmilan, Supervisor of Grama Sevaka, Mr. S. Sivalingam from Divisional Secretary office of Point Pedro and Mr. Tharmarajah Rtrd. BOC Manager.

The Velummayilum Foundation organized Vaani Vizha competitions for children following the Vanni Vizha celebrations, creating opportunities for the children to showcase their creative skills and gave away valuable prizes for the winners.

Organized a special event to celebrate the Vaani Vizha with all the students and teachers and had an evening full of fun and enjoyment.

The Velummayilum Foundation organized a special event to provide families in Point Pedro and Alvai area with dry food items with the aim to support their household.


The 7th batch of the ICT program for school leavers started at Velummayilum Foundation.


Facilitated dry food packages for families and eyeglasses for students with the participation of Asst. Director of Planning, Mr. K. Jeyakumar, Social Service Officer, Mr. P. Sarmilan from Divisional Secretariat office Point Pedro, Yogendran Kugathas, Lawyer and Senior Public Health Inspector, Mr. Sathees in remembrance of the of Mr. Late Mayilvaganam Velummayilum on his 29th death anniversary.

The Velummayilum Foundation announced the application calling for the enrollment of the next batch for the ICT program for school leavers, to support them to improve their skills and knowledge in ICT.

Organized a Health Awareness program for the students of Velummayilum Foundation with the aim to promote good health habits and health awareness among the children.


Velummayilum Foundation celebrated its 2nd anniversary on 31st July 2018. Dry Food items were distributed to 100 families with Divisional Secretary of Point Pedro Mr. A. Sri invited as the Chief Guest.

The Velummayilum Foundation sponsored for the eyeglasses for identified students by Ministry of Health, Point Pedro who are in need, from selected schools of Alvai & Puloly areas, with the participation of Dr. G. Senthoran, MOH of Point Pedro.

The Velummayilum Foundation organized a special English Language seminar for Grade 06 to Grade 08 students at foundation premises to support the students to improve their English language skills.

A new batch was enrolled for the ICT program conduct by the Velummayilum Foundation for school leavers enabling them to have better opportunities to improve their ICT skills to face the digital age.

Organized an event to support the students in Alvai area who have issues in their eyesight, to provide fully sponsored eyeglasses by the Velummayilum Foundation.

The Velummayilum Foundation organized a pre exam test for Grade 06 to Grade 10 students to help them to prepare for the second term examinations with more confidence.


A special yoga training program was organized for the students and teachers of the Velummayilum Foundation celebrating the International Yoga day, promoting yoga and its benefits among the students.

The Certificate Awarding Ceremony for the students who successfully completed the ICT Program conducted by the Velummayilum Foundation was held at the foundation premises with the participation of the Urban Council Chairman of Point Pedro, Mr. J. Iruthayarajah and Mrs. Isabelle, Ms. Raphaelle, Family Friends of the founder Mr. Velummayilum Thayanantharajah.

Organized a career guidance workshop for university students conducted by Ms. Raphaelle, a British Degree holder in Finance from Durham University with the aim to demonstrate the importance of higher education and support the students to get prepared for their university education.

The Certificate Awarding Ceremony of the ICT Program conducted by the Velummayilum Foundation, was held on 14th Jun 2018 at the foundation premises, for the students who successfully completed the program.


The Velummayilum Foundation sponsored for a pair of eyeglasses for a high performing student in his academics in Grade 06 of J/Thumpalai Sivapragasa Mahavidyalayam to help him attain better eyesight so he could further thrive in his academics.

Zonal Director of Education, Mr. N. Nanthakumar the chief guest for the event handed over the Water Purification Plant to Methodist Girls High School a project fully funded by the Velummayilum Foundation facilitating enough drinking water supply & fulfilling the daily drinking water requirement of over 1400 students & the staff.

The Velummayilum Foundation presented gifts for students who performed well in the 1st term examinations, in encouraging them to keep up with their good work in academics for the rest of the 2018.


The Velummayilum Foundation announced the next enrollment of preparation classes for Management Assistant (MA) Examination conducted at Velummayilum Foundation premises supporting the students to improve their Tamil language skills and their aptitude.

Organized an event to donate the next set of eyeglasses for the participants of the medical camp held in February 2018.


Offered eyeglasses for school children who participated for the medical camp held in February 2018 giving them the opportunity to have their eyesight improved and continue with their lives and studies.

Provided eyeglasses for the participant of the medical camp held in February 2018 with the participation of Mr. Sree Shankar enabling them to have better eyesight.

The Velummayilum Foundation organized special classes for students who sat for the Management Assistant Exam in 2018 to help them prepare well for the test and help them improve their aptitude and language skills for the test.


The founder of Velummayilum Foundation Mr. Velummayilum Thayanantharajah & Mrs. Sumi Thayanantharajah conducted a special mentoring program for students who received the university entrance.

The foundation organized a Medical Camp for the community offering eye checkups and general physician checkups with Dr. S.T.S. Chandrakumar and Dr. N.Vaseekaran and their teams facilitating the opportunity for the families to get a health checkup.

Mr. Velummayilum Thayanantharajah, the founder of Velummayilum Foundation announced the water purification plant and water tank installation to the Methodist Girls High School in participating to their annual Sports Meet as the chief guest with the aim to facilitate clean drinking water without any shortage to all the students of the school.

With the participation of the founder of Velummayilum Foundation Mr. Velummayilum Thayanantharajah, held the Certificate Awarding Ceremony for the students who completed the computer certification course.

Held the weekly Yoga Training at the foundation premises for children and teachers to promote good physical and mental health to perform better in life.


Held a memorial prayer to Late Mr Seevaratnam Balathayagaran who worked with the Velummayilum Foundation in contributing with his skills as a Mathematics teacher for 1.5 years and appreciating his service to the community.

Well-wisher of the Velummayilum Foundation Dr. Naj Nagendran and his team paid a visit to the foundation premises and appreciated the foundationís efforts to the community.

Supported a student with learning disabilities in Sivapoomi school, Kondavil, providing her with school supplies and a stationary package in supporting her to continue in her academics.

Started the next batch of the computer course conducted by the Velummayilum Foundation for students who completed GCE O/L and GCE A/L in 2017.

Announced the new enrollment for Sinhala Language Classes for students who received university entrance in 2017. The program was organized with the aim to improve the Sinhala Language Skills of children to allow them to connect with the rest of the community in a much improved manner.

Offered essential school stationery packages that included Exercise Books, Drawing Books, Mathematical Instrument Boxes, Color Pastel Boxes, Pens, and Pencils for a whole year for students from Sivapragasa Maha Vidyalayam, Velayutham Maha Vidyalayam, Siththyvinayagar Vidyalayam and Puloly Methodist Mission Tamil Mixed School, to continue in their educations.

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