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We were delighted to sponsor the exhibition at Hartley College which was a great way to connect the school and students with wider community as well as a great inspiration for future innovators and scientists.

This exhibition was one of the first of similar events hosted after many years and was well received by the children of the region, parents and others. We were delighted to see the best innovation, science and informative initiatives of the student participants.

Our foundation will continue to support educational and extracurricular programmes that support the development of Hartley and other-school students.


We were delighted to fund the glasses for 300 plus children in Point Pedro, Alavai and Nelliady area as requested by Dr. G. Senthuran , MOH Karaveddy Division.

Meeting NTB Team for discussion on SME and EQUITY funding proposal. We are delighted to work and support communities in the VADAMARACHCHI

High Achievers IT certification award function at the Velummayilum Foundation on 12 Oct 2019 , also cultural dance performance. Daya & Sumi Thayan were special guests at the function.

Great function for the HIGH ACHIEVERS IT CERTIFICATE AWARD on 12 Oct 19 Velummayilum Foundation. Daya, Sumi , Prof Nadarajasundram and Chairman PT PEDRO Urban Council Iruthayrajah with students.

Velummayilum Foundation delighted to support Nelliady Madhya Maha Vidyalayam. We will deliver water purification facility, scholarship, teaching support and vocational training Programmes.

Velummayilum Foundation delighted to offer additional support to MGHS School Point Pedro with solar panel installation & photo copier and printers.

Great meeting the farming community about our financial , technical and logistical support. Velummayilum Foundation

Daya & Sumi Thayan and our colleagues met with Hartley College Point Pedro principal to discuss programmes and our support for the 2019 and 2020.

Preview of the exhibition at Hartley College Point Pedro by the Lotus Children's Foundation Team . Great initiatives and innovation ideas from young scientists from the school.

Sumi and Daya Thayan were the chief guests at the Hartley College Point Pedro SL, opening smart classrooms. We were delighted to fund the programme and agreed to fund more classrooms. Truly exciting advanced digital teaching facility

Vaani Vizha held on 04th Oct at Foundation, grade 6 to 11 students performed cultural events and received prizes for cultural competition.

Organic Farming project initial meeting held at J/399 Alvai North east Viyabarimoolai Farmers organization on 02nd Oct, Wednesday evening.

Another batch of Eye test and glass measurement held 02nd Oct, Wednesday at Foundation for 08 schools in Point Pedro area.

National Child Protection Authority(NCPA) organized a seminar on 26th Sep at Jaffna about the child rights, child awareness and NCPA responsibility. Velummayilum Foundation staff Ms. Priyanka participated the program.


Navarathri & Children Day Competition to foundation students their personal talents by drawings, Garland prepare and hand arts Kolam filling by flower, flour etc..

3 more eyeglasses issued to school students by the school principal as identified in foundation medical camp.


30th Memorial day of Late M.Velummayilum services held today at Velummayilum Foundation Eye glasses issued for 16 students 05 elders. Over 130 elders participated and issued lunch packets.

Child right awareness training held on 26th Aug, morning at foundation by Children probation officer Mr. Rajeevan (Divisional Secretariat office, Point Pedro) for all foundation students.

Science video classes during school holidays for Grade 09 to GCE O/L students by our science Teacher Mr. S. Pushparajah at Velummayilum Foundation.

2nd term Parents meeting held on 15th Aug Thursday 10am for discuss about the student exam marks sheet , behavior and improvement of home study. Teachers, most of the parents participated.

Foundation organized a tour to Ladani Children Home students around the Jaffna peninsula on 05th & 06th August and return them to home in Mullaitivu. Ladani Home funded by Founder Mr. Velummayilum Thayanantharajah and maintenance continued since 2014 to date.

Velummayilum Foundation 3rd Year Anniversary and Prize day function held on 31st July 2019 Wednesday evening. Divisional Secretary of Point Pedro Mr. A. Sri and Deputy Director of Zonal Education office, Vadamaradchy joined as Chief & Honorable guest. Best performed students received the gift. Selected student received the Eye Glasses.


3rd Year Anniversary of Velummayilum Foundation monthly Dry Food parcels and Coconut Plant issued to 100 women headed family on 31st July 2019, Wednesday Morning. Rural Development Officer Mr. Ravigaran, Social Service Officer Mr. Sarmilan from Divisional Secretary office and OIC of Point Pedro Police Mr. Janaka, Mr. Seneviranta participated and issued the items to beneficiaries.

The Velummayilum Foundation organized its annual medical camp for the 3rd consecutive year enabling the community to have more access to healthcare. The event was comprised of an eye checkup and general physician checkups and a prescribed eyeglass donation program for students and adults with the participation of experienced doctors and medical teams in the area.

Organized an anti-drug and health and wellbeing awareness program for the local community at Mahathma Ghanthy & Ilango Community Centre with the aim to educate people about the effects of using drugs and benefits of good health habits to promote healthy lifestyles and how those help to improve the quality of their lives and wellbeing

Held a pre-examination tests for students from Grade 06 to Grade 10 to support them to face better for their mid-term school examinations and enabling them to check their progresses in their mid-academic term before the school examinations.


Distributed dry food packs for the families with the participation of Asst. Director of Planning Mr. Jeyakumar from Divisional Secretariat office, Point Pedro.

Organized an awareness program for the children involved with the Velummayilum Foundation to educate them about Polythene & Plastic usage and recycling systems which was conducted by the VOGT team delivering the students a better knowledge on the waste generation and management problems in the country and how they can contribute to minimize the effects and save the environment.

A special yoga training program was held at the Velummayilum Foundation premises following the weekly yoga training program for the children and teachers in celebrating the International Day of Yoga, to encourage students to practice more in yoga for a healthy life.

The Velummayilum Foundation donated a high-quality photocopier machine to Hartley College Point Pedro in fulfilling the need the school had for a long time, enabling the teachers and students to get photocopies for their studies and management purposes.

Opened the reformed technical workshop of Nelliady Central College, a project fully funded by the Velummayilum Foundation to help the students to have a better educational experience.


Held the monthly dry food packs distribution programs for the families with the participation of Social Service Officer from the Divisional Secretariat office, Point Pedro, Mr. Ganesh.

Handed over the water purification plant installed at Hartley College, Point Pedro to the school children which was funded by Lotus Children's Foundation UK and Velummayilum Foundation, enabling the students to have clean drinking water supply without any shortage. This was the second water purification project completed by the Velummayilum Foundation under our program of pure water supply for schools.

The ICT program conducted by the Velummayilum Foundation, enrolled another batch of students in supporting another set of school leavers to gain skills in ICT to compete better in the careers.


Offered dry food packs for the families for the month April with the participation of Retired Additional Government Agent Mr. A. Sivasuvamy and counselling officer from Social Service Department, Point Pedro DS office, Mrs. Bamini.


Held the monthly dry food packs distribution program for the month of March for the families with the participation of Professor M. Nadarajasuntharam, Women Development Officer from Divisional Secretary office of Point Pedro, Mrs Thayalini and Velummayilum Foundation Coordination office staff from Colombo Mr. Asanka, Mr. Wasantha, Mrs. Amali and Ms. Nethmi

A special dry food packs distribution program was organized by the Velummayilum Foundation to support the families following the International Women's Day celebration with the participation of J/402 Grama Sevaka, Mrs. Nathiya.


The founder of Velummayilum Foundation Mr. Thayanantharajah & Mrs. Sumithra enjoyed the children's weekly yoga program conducted by Mr. Tharmarajah.

Organized a guidance program for university students to offer guidance in higher education with the participation of our founder Mr. Thayanantharajah, where he addressed them by announcing the Velummayilum Foundation's new programs to support business ventures founded by the degree holders and advised them to perform well in their education to have a bright future.

The Velummayilum Foundation announced a vocational training support program and school workshop renovation and provision of new tools to Nelliady Central College along with full sponsorships for all the seminars and workshops conducted by the school for 2019 & 2020 GCE A/L students.

Mr. & Mrs. Thayanantharajah met with the government medical and banking officials in the area to discuss possibilities and opportunities to improve the public health, banking services and livelihood of the local community to uplift the living standards of the community.

Sponsored the felicitation ceremony of Hartley College for the year 2019 to recognize the academic accomplishment of students who passed GCE A/L examination in 2018. The event was held with the participation of our founder Mr. Thayanantharajah, where he offered full scholarship schemes for students who received university entrance in 2018, aiding them in continuing their higher educations.

Held the monthly dry food packs distribution program for families for the month of February with the participation of Ex. member of Northern Provincial Council, Mr. Santhiralingam Sugirthan and J/401, J/403 Grama Seva Officers Mr. Sri Sangar and Mr. Sivaparan.


The Velummayilum Foundation organized an awareness program on drugs, alcohol, smoking and their harmful effects for the students, in teaming up with the Health Department of Urban Council of Point Pedro.

The next batch for the ICT program was started for school leavers with the use of new multimedia projector for an improved learning experience.

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